Wednesday, June 5, 2013

These are the days!

These are the days.....these are the days I want to remember; like when my girls want to snuggle on my lap and hold my hand, and my son will actually sit in the living room with us and talk and laugh, he is 18 and continues to like us, depends on the day of course! I do remember the days though when he held my hand and we played together laughing over silly things, or watching him play in the yard.  Hailey just learned how to ride her bike with no training wheels! She said to me a couple of weeks ago, " Mommy I want to ride my bike with just two wheels."  So that weekend off came the training wheels, and then my husband sold them in our garage sale, so there was no going back! She is such a dedicated little person with everything she does. In about a weeks worth of practicing she's got it!  My Hannah is doing cartwheels all over the place, she is learning that practice makes perfect. This past weekend she did about a million cartwheels trying to perfect her cartwheel (keeping her legs straight). By Monday, she's got it!  They grow fast and I want to remember the little things. There little hands in my hand and the comments like "Mommy I want to be a Mommy like you when I grow up", cant get any better than that! Lets hope they are still saying that when they are 16! Ha..... I remember when Logan said he wanted to marry me when he got bigger! Love that! In fact Hailey and Hannah have both said they want to marry Bruce when they get bigger, Oh actually Hailey said she wanted to marry me too! Yes life is sweet! The summers doing fun things like riding bikes by the water. Holding my hand and skipping to go get the mail, making meals/desserts together. These are the days I want to remember these are only some of things, wish I could bottle all of the moments. On some days I wish there was a magic pill to keep them all as well! :-)

Have a great day! :-)

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  1. Yes it would be great to keep us young in the mean time we just enjoy every moment I've learned as time goes by what great kids I have watching them being parents makes more proud each day I so enjoy being a grandma! Enjoy every moment