Friday, May 2, 2014

Random Friday

Its Friday!!! Logan came home from college last night! He has a car load of belongings to unload, uhg! He has done really well this past year, I am so proud of how he has taken college serious. Still cant believe I have a kid in college! The girls knew he was on his way home, however it was getting late and they needed to get to bed, just as we were walking to the bedroom Logan came walking in. They were so excited! Which left us up late, Hannah still said she was not tired and could stay up later, um sorry Charlie! I have noticed she is in that stage that she wants to be apart of the adult group and listen to what we are talking about etc. Like when my sister was in town Hannah just wanted to hang out by us and chat instead of going and playing with the rest of the kids.
Planning our summer vacations! Eeek cant wait! We will be going to Ludington for sure for a week, gosh is it beautiful there. I love the beach! I love summer! We are talking about going to Mackinaw Island as well, that place is awesome! It brings you back in time. There are no cars allowed, its all bike riding, horse and carriages, or just walking. It really slows things down and makes you enjoy the day so much better. However Logan said he might not be able to go since he and his cute girlfriend have planned for a concert on that same weekend. :-(   Thats hard too; trying to understand that your child would rather be at a concert with his girlfriend than with the family. I get it! Its just hard to get OVER!
Well very excited that it is Friday, and we have NOTHING planned!!!! Oh except some softball practice! Oh I am officially a T-ball coach, Yep thats right I am coach Stacie!!!! Those darn kids are so cute, swinging at the ball and trying to stay focused! Anyway Hailey is thrilled to no end knowing that I am her coach! Makes my heart melt!
                                                              Happy Friday!


  1. Happy logans home seems like u have summer planned out what fun oh my a coach that's great Stacie your a great mom see u soon