Saturday, August 24, 2013

Parenting Then to Now!

I came across this post from another blogger "Andrea Dekker" I had to post it its so true!!!

Parenting! Then to Now

Summer events!

So since I haven't posted in a while and am trying to play catch up, I thought I would share what we have been doing!

Fourth of July fire works in St. Clair! They were Awesome!
Some friends of ours enjoying the show!

Swimming in the pool!

 Bought a new desperately needed refrigerator! Love it!

 Went to a Tigers Game!

 Went up to Ludington! I love that town, we will be returning there every summer! Lake Michigan has the best beaches! soft sand, clean water!! Miles of beaches!

See how clear the water is! This was taken at Sleeping Bear Dunes, this beach had some rocks near the beach, which the kids love looking for rocks! However after they filled two sand buckets full of them, the park told us we needed to dump them since it is a State Park! Girls understood, Bruce was sad! ha ha

See how great the sand and water is, seriously was the best place to go!!

Well that sums up most of our summer, not to mention a couple family reunions which were so much fun as well! Girls both graduated from Level 1 gymnastics to Level 2! So exciting!!!
Summer is still not over, we have an upcoming BBQ/B-day party for my nephew, my sister Kim is coming into town!! I still want to sit out in the evening listening to summer, I still want to enjoy the summer mornings! I still want to enjoy summer fruit! However its coming to an end.... Logan left yesterday for college :-( he is excited to start another year in a new dorm. The girls start school soon (Hailey starts kindergarten!) I am not quit sure how I am going to handle everyone gone all day.....oh wait, yes I am, wooo hoooo!!!! ha ha seriously though I am sad to see them all grow up! Life is short so hang on!!!! 

10th Anniversary!

Well I have not done a bit of blogging since July! Due to work, summer plans, and that word relaxing....
We have checked off most of our items on our Summer 2013 calendar. The girls have been having a pretty good summer, Logan's been working full time (not home a whole lot), we had our 10th Anniversary, family reunion, camped out in the backyard, it was a fun filled July!

So Bruce told me that he had a surprise planned weekend for us, and would not tell me a clue on where he was taking me! He is ultimately the BEST husband EVER! Well I have been wanting to go to Mackinaw Island FOREVER! And well thats where we went! It was literally the best trip, I could say it was better than our honeymoon, which was at Key West, Florida. The island is the greatest, no cars are allowed nothing with an engine! Everyone rides bikes or horses, or pulled by horse carriages. It really makes you relax and live the simple life! Loved it, so much we made reservations already for next summer!!!! With the kids! Heres come pics.

                                                    Bruce even surprised me with a picnic by the Beach!

                                                              Grand Hotel view from boat ride to the Island!
                                      This is a view from on top of the Island, this spot is called "Arch Rock" the view from on top of this hill was amazing!

                                                            The water was so clear and beautiful

                                               We decided to reinact the "Somewhere in Time" Photo below.... We must have tried to do it like 10 times. We were laughing so hard and people were riding by looking at us!

        It was the best trip! I could go on with pictures since we took sooooo many, but I wont bore you!

The trip was again the best! My husband is such a romantic, and he did great at not having me find out, since I love surprises, but continue to try and find out things! Honey thank you so much for such a wonderful Anniversary! I Love You! Here to us for 50 more!!!!