Monday, June 17, 2013


Summer is here! No more packing lunches, no more signing endless papers, no more homework, no more projects... We are looking forward to being much more relaxed, the girls can sleep in a little bit more (I like to keep them close to their same schedule), drink coffee on our porch, watch movies, swim in the pool!!!! We talked about completing  a summer calendar, that idea we got from Erin over at basically writing down everything you would like to do over the summer.

Not sure what vacations we will be taking this summer, since we haven't already planned any yet, which we normally have planned by this point. I would like to complete some projects around the house, do some scrap booking, and just relax. My family just left, they were here for a week and it was so much fun!  We already checked some things off our list. We went to the splash village in frankenmuth, and had a couple BBQ's.

It has been a busy week here are some pics!

Hannah, Hailey and Kayla swimming in the lazy river

 Hailey smiling for a quick pic

Family BBQ for Logans Bday! I cant believe I have a 19 year old!

Just some of the girls!!! 

 Fathers Day!!

Fathers day, Logan took Bruce golfing!

Logan blowing out his candles! Big 19! with Little Silas and Grandma Charlotte

Its been a great week, school out, family in town, kicked off a BBQ, went swimming. Looking forward to get organized for summer and make some recipes and wear my flip flops more!! 



  1. Yes summer is here had so much fun all of us together can't wait for some more of your recipes wayne says can u make the fruit dip like we had at Stacies I'm like sure lol looks like Logan's bday was a hit so glad hope to be back soon:)

  2. Looks your summer is off to a fun start:) And I loved that fruit dip too!! Post the recipe!!

  3. I will post it asap just for you Kelley! :-)