Tuesday, June 11, 2013

It is what it is!

Well remember how last week I stated I was going to MAKE cookies for those lovely ladies that take great care of my kids, well I woke up today thinking "Oh no today was the day I was supposed to have cookies made for daycare ladies". Needless to say I have no eggs since the other night I wanted to make brownies for my family and didn't have any eggs. I did attempt to substitute with applesauce, however that does not work please take note!!! See people my family is in town, and when that happens its hard to focus on real life events! Why, because my family creates their own real life events. So I have two options right now, go BUY some or go buy some freakin eggs and MAKE them. Uhg, seriously people don't get me wrong I love to bake, although at this point I don't know how I am going to make that happen unless I just don't sleep tonight. I have a full day of work, then get the kids from daycare with my head hanging down because I have nothing to give to those lovely ladies.  Hannah has softball practice tonight. Did I say that tomorrow was the last day of school.... I am a planner I just failed on this one!

Its going to have to be me not sleeping and giving it them on the last day of school! Pray for me, pray for strength!

Here are some pics

Here is Hannah, Hailey and my niece Kayla. We are in line to go gocarting! Notice Hannahs blue teeth, arent they pretty? She likes blue slurpees! They are having a ball with eachother, they only get to see eachother like once a year! :-(   But are livin it up!

Heres Hailey and Kayla playing barbies (Hannahs still got school)! I love seeing girls play with barbies! 
Don't mind their room -family is in town and the cleaning lady has given up!

OK had to post this, the girls were hilarious, note Halieys attitude! They came in from the back family room and were crackin up because they took the balls and made boobs! Had to laugh! Like I said havin a ball!!!!!

Heres my lovely Mom! Nice pose right? 

We celebrated her 82nd Birthday yesterday! Yep 82! She is full of spit and vinegar and still a fire cracker people! Trouble nothin but trouble! God Bless her! Love you Mom, you crazy lady!
(She is going to kill me for posting these, but this is my blog Mom, and there's nothin you can do about it! Ha!)

Enjoy your week! :-)


  1. Omg I just commented and lost it I will comment again soon where does it go?

  2. Im not sure??? I guess where all the socks go missing as well!! lol :-)