Monday, March 31, 2014

Days to remember

It's these days I want to remember. Waking up enjoying our mornings on the couch with no TV, cuddling, and talking. The girls love when he is home in the mornings, which is only once a week so Sundays are special! Miss our Logan not here, which is just a reminder that kids grow up FAST! I'm really trying hard to be conscious of this and to grab every moment I can with them! We have no plans or things to do (well we just ignored the chores for the day!) just being with each other was our goal! Hannah and I went to church as Bruce stayed back with Hailey as she had a bit of a runny nose and needed extra time in her pjs (that girl loves her pjs like her momma!). We took a drive through a couple towns, that are by the water. We always tend to migrate towards the water its so peaceful. We watched the big chunks of ice float down the river. It was a beautiful spring day! Still a bit chilly, but nice! We stopped at a couple spots while Bruce took some pictures and Hannah always follows her Daddy while Hailey always sticks with her Mommy.

The girls climbing there "favorite trees". There are quite a few of these cool trees that when we go to this area the girls love to climb them. 

Hope you take the time to enjoy the day! :-)

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Stillness of Early Mornings

The stillness of the early morning excites me! I love waking up before the kids. I am able to take moments and gain a perspective on my day. My husband leaves for work around 4:15 and I have become a lite sleeper. He comes in to kiss me goodbye every morning, on most days I wake up. I will lay in bed for a while laying in the darkness thinking. I then get up enjoy a cup of coffee, do some light chores; putting dishes away, making lunches (if I did not do it the night before), let the dog out. I don't turn the TV on, or the computer I just am with the morning and love this time of day for myself. I get the girls up around 6:15 as their bus comes at 7:10. Its a great start to my day, no hurrying, lots of time for kisses and hugs and talking.
     There are some days where I just can't fathom on getting up and need sleep. I then wake up in a hurry and feel unorganized a bit and wish I had gotten up earlier. I set my alarm for 5:45, although I keep hitting snooze!
     On those days I get up early, I can accomplish sooooo much! Chores, exercise, time for me/reflection, which leaves me feeling calm and peaceful! There is something about the darkness in the early morning that makes me feel so centered and I can think so much clearer. It is mostly due to the fact that I am alone with God and can listen better without other things to get my attention, as I am one who can't focus on a lot at once, especially when it comes to people. I have to focus on one person at a time, which can be very difficult! You know what I am talking about. When your little ones and sometimes even  your better half talking to you all at once and none of them even have a clue of what is occurring!

Today was one of those days when I was able to get up early and have a peaceful calm morning. I enjoyed the stillness, and it happens to be my Birthday! This is a gift to myself!

Do you like to wake up early? If not try it out and see how your day goes.

Stacie :-)

Monday, March 17, 2014

Pot of Gold!

So its St. Patricks Day and the leprechaun has left my girls a rainbow and a pot of gold! 

Skittles and rolos! Yummy!  
I have out traditional St. Pattys day dinner in the crock pot; corned beef/cabbage with potatoes and carrots  can't wait!

It has been awhile since I have posted anything. The winter has been endless. We still have so much snow on the ground. I had spring fever last week and did some spring decorating. The spring fever came due to us reaching the high of 49 degrees! Woo Hoo right! lol

Well I needed to change things in the house as I like to change things around a lot, but this time I decided to change out my decorations. I had a lot of red and black decorations for fall and winter. I wanted to spruce things up and add a pop of color and thought yellow and some flowers/greenery would do the job! I did some spring cleaning, but still have more to do. I LOVE to clean the house and have it smell clean! Washing everything from pillows, blankets, drapes, comforters, cleaning under the beds, etc, etc. Ill post on my spring cleaning on a later post. Can't wait to open the windows, which is not too far away. Its been so cold I think once it hits 55 I am going for it!

Heres some pics!
 New pillows. Sasha felt she needed to be in the pic! :-)
 New vases that came with the flowers
I plan on changing the red mat to a yellow
 I Love the birds!

 I would show more of the kitchen cabinets however they are so old, we are the process of saving for new ones! 

My lovely daughter Hailey wrote me a note because tomorrow is my Birthday! It says, "Mommy is esxcited to Daye" (Mommy is excited today)!!! Priceless

That pink candle I have been burning; stocked up on them, can't remember the scent, but it smells like spring! Its a febreeze candle and you can smell it throughout the house!
I didnt change much in the curio cabinet just because I love everything so much in there and it still had yellow flowing through it!

Mostly everything was purchased from either Target or TJ Maxx. 
Wishing everyone a Happy St. Patricks Day!

Did you start to decorate for spring yet? If so how and what is your favorite way to bring in the new season?