Monday, March 31, 2014

Days to remember

It's these days I want to remember. Waking up enjoying our mornings on the couch with no TV, cuddling, and talking. The girls love when he is home in the mornings, which is only once a week so Sundays are special! Miss our Logan not here, which is just a reminder that kids grow up FAST! I'm really trying hard to be conscious of this and to grab every moment I can with them! We have no plans or things to do (well we just ignored the chores for the day!) just being with each other was our goal! Hannah and I went to church as Bruce stayed back with Hailey as she had a bit of a runny nose and needed extra time in her pjs (that girl loves her pjs like her momma!). We took a drive through a couple towns, that are by the water. We always tend to migrate towards the water its so peaceful. We watched the big chunks of ice float down the river. It was a beautiful spring day! Still a bit chilly, but nice! We stopped at a couple spots while Bruce took some pictures and Hannah always follows her Daddy while Hailey always sticks with her Mommy.

The girls climbing there "favorite trees". There are quite a few of these cool trees that when we go to this area the girls love to climb them. 

Hope you take the time to enjoy the day! :-)

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