Monday, June 24, 2013

A little bit of everything!

So it is officially summer and so far we have been able to make out our summer to do board.
I got this idea from Erin over at Sunny side up. It was a great activity for the girls and me.

I was finally able to get a pedicure! My first one EVER! Yes people its true, I partially never got one because I felt I could just as good and couldn't find myself to spend the money on something I can do myself.  But I really have been wanting to be pampered and gave in! Let me tell you that was sooooo nice! I will definitely do that again before the summer is over! Here's a pic, although its been a few days.

                                                                        Pretty feet!

Hannah's softball is coming to an end. Its kind of bitter sweet, as I look forward not rushing around in the evenings, I know that her first year of softball is ending. Just growing up way too fast!
Here is a pic of her and her awards at the softball picnic.

                               Isn't she adorable! She really loves softball and has learned so much as well.

Logan is off to Cedar Point with his girlfriends family for the next three days! Very nice family! Cedar Point is so fun, I really wanted to plan that for this summer, although I am not sure if the girls would enjoy it as much as Logan. I am glad he is able to go, since we most likely won't be. Its hard at times to organize a trip for a 19 year old and a 5/8 year old.

I got to finally organize the girls drawers. They were was having such a hard time with picking out outfits, so I decided to organize their outfits so when they go to grab a shirt the shorts/skirt are folded up inside the shirt and wha-la, you have an outfit! I need to remember next time I go shopping to make sure I purchase outfits not just random shirts and then shorts! I took inventory and made a list of what is needed as well.  Here is a pic of what the drawer looks like with everything folded.

                                     Here is how I have the shorts/skirt folded up inside the top.

 Girls have finally been able to go swimming! The weather went from 70 to 90 in a day! gotta love Michigan!

Well that has been our summer so far! :-)


  1. Nice toes yes it is great to have someone else do them looks like your summer is full of fun things I love the one where u have lunch with Bruce Logan what a great idea to make a board of fun things to do I will be there to visit just in time for the bonfire

  2. dude love that board idea! and you can cross off your pedicures now! glad you finally had one...i haven't had one in years but you definitely gotta pamper yourself every once in a while!