Monday, April 4, 2016

Trying again....

Okay, so it AGAIN has been awhile since I blogged. BUT this time I AM going to be consistent! Really, I am! I hope! I really want to be an avid blogger and I am going to try this again, and to write at least 3 a week. That's my goal, bare with me....

The girls are getting big, and life is eventful! Logan is in his second semester in the teaching program, and he is stressed out. I remember those days! College is hard. He is pretty independent I have to say and only calls when he feels he is stressed. He has a good head on his shoulders, but I still pray for him daily, as he has remained on such a good path in life, I want him to remain on it!

So Christmas has come and gone....

               My Hanah loves to go around with nothing on her feet, and it drives me crazy as I am one that has to have something on my feet at all times. Especially with our wood floors. uhg!

And so has Easter.....



We have had some game nights..... Hailey won!


I bought these....
They are cuter on!!!! They are a taupe color.  Boots are still needed in Michigan as its still chilly, and boots go a long way. :-)

I do have my eye on these
             I have a similar pair however they are getting worn. I have told my husband about them, as Mothers Day is approaching, I had to mention he better grab them fast as they are on SALE!!!!

                  I have done some decorating!Added blue, I Love this color blue!


   I would show you the lower half of this little hutch of mine, however it has Easter baskets and other various items living on it right now, takes away from the blue. ha ha!

We were really wanting to do out kitchen this spring/summer, however we feel we should pay off our one main credit card first as this project is going to cost us some! Thinking maybe next year. One of my cabinets is falling off...I hope it can hang in there for another year!

Now we are caught up! ha ha. The kids are on spring break and we don't have much planned besides shopping, organizing, sleeping in, visiting grandma, some family, and some friends, and more shopping! :-)

If your on Spring break, Enjoy it!

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