Monday, April 11, 2016

Spring so far...

Well spring break has come and gone, the weather did not play out as we wanted. The girls and I hung out at home, went shopping at the BIG mall, and went and visited Grandma. It was a stay-cation at its best. They got along well, which was my main goal!

Having a picnic and watching a movie! :-) We love the movie "Home". 
(excuse the mess, like I said it was a stay cation;-).....

 I have already informed my husband though that next year we are leaving to somewhere warm! The weather is supposed to be turning around towards the end of this week! Eeek CAN'T WAIT!!!! It really gets hard this time of year for me, I start losing my patience and want to move to California! I'm over the cold and the snow and want to start wearing pretty sandals, not boots, and put away my winter coat, please!!!! The good thing is that I have been spring cleaning like mad. I have gone through my girls clothes, our clothes, and every other thing in this house that I could possibly purge. I have three nice big bags to donate to the salvation army and a nice pile in the play room for the yard sale I want to have hopefully in about a month or so (as soon as it warms up). I did start to do some spring decorating in the house, I will show those soon. Hope the weather where you are at is springy!!! :-)

How has your spring been so far?

Monday, April 4, 2016

Trying again....

Okay, so it AGAIN has been awhile since I blogged. BUT this time I AM going to be consistent! Really, I am! I hope! I really want to be an avid blogger and I am going to try this again, and to write at least 3 a week. That's my goal, bare with me....

The girls are getting big, and life is eventful! Logan is in his second semester in the teaching program, and he is stressed out. I remember those days! College is hard. He is pretty independent I have to say and only calls when he feels he is stressed. He has a good head on his shoulders, but I still pray for him daily, as he has remained on such a good path in life, I want him to remain on it!

So Christmas has come and gone....

               My Hanah loves to go around with nothing on her feet, and it drives me crazy as I am one that has to have something on my feet at all times. Especially with our wood floors. uhg!

And so has Easter.....



We have had some game nights..... Hailey won!


I bought these....
They are cuter on!!!! They are a taupe color.  Boots are still needed in Michigan as its still chilly, and boots go a long way. :-)

I do have my eye on these
             I have a similar pair however they are getting worn. I have told my husband about them, as Mothers Day is approaching, I had to mention he better grab them fast as they are on SALE!!!!

                  I have done some decorating!Added blue, I Love this color blue!


   I would show you the lower half of this little hutch of mine, however it has Easter baskets and other various items living on it right now, takes away from the blue. ha ha!

We were really wanting to do out kitchen this spring/summer, however we feel we should pay off our one main credit card first as this project is going to cost us some! Thinking maybe next year. One of my cabinets is falling off...I hope it can hang in there for another year!

Now we are caught up! ha ha. The kids are on spring break and we don't have much planned besides shopping, organizing, sleeping in, visiting grandma, some family, and some friends, and more shopping! :-)

If your on Spring break, Enjoy it!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Being Thankful with daily struggles

Its November and tis the season to give Thanks! There are many things I am grateful for in my life. But mostly it is my family, my children, my husband! They bring me true happiness on a daily basis. I am grateful for the opportunity to be a Mother while hear on Earth. It is a daily struggle, ensuring I keep patient while being a parent. I want things done so quickly and don't allow others to do their best, I just want it done! So everyday and every hour I remind myself to be in the moment and try and be more like Jesus! Gentle, kind, and loving. I test myself, when a moment arises and I feel my patience about to go out the window, I take a deep breath and think "I need to respond calmly and loving". There are times I do forget!
My little Hailey lately tests my patience; as I think she likes to test the waters and be defiant.
Hannah is in her pre-teen years and gets very upset, very quickly....upset and crying instantly.
My dear Mother is losing her memory and when I talk with her she cant remember if things she has been thinking are true or just a thought of hers. I feel bad because this causes some hard feelings and confusion.
I had to apologize to my hubby today because he called and I was annoyed because he wanted me to do something for him, and I sounded very short with him :-(
Not good! He understood! Hes the Best!
 My dear Logan is struggling with his own patience while awaiting to hear from the Education Dept on whether or not he will be getting into the Education Program. He has been working very diligent, patience is a virtue! I pray for patience.......yet am so very Thankful for my trials and tribulations as it is a process of sanctification!

Trials develop godly character, and that enables us to "rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. And hope does not disappoint us, because God has poured out his love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom he has given us” (Romans 5:3-5). 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Summer is almost here!

I am dragging, my kids are dragging, we have been on the go the past two weeks and see the light at the end of the tunnel!!! We are hanging on by a thread! Between all of the end of the year activities/projects, softball games and practices, birthdays, get togethers, we are in need of some R&R. Haileys kindergarten graduation is tomorrow night, so bitter sweet! Hannahs last day is Friday and we are going to party, and by that I mean watching a movie and sleeping in on Saturday and not getting out of our pj's until we absolutely have too!

I have not made a dinner in I don't know how long, its been sandwiches, hot dogs, pizza, or just plain ole salami and cheese. I actually marinated some chicken the other day and finally had time to cook it this afternoon. We had my Moms birthday dinner last night and at 1:00am Hailey came in saying her stomach hurt and within 20 secs I was pushing her to make it (it meaning you know what) land on the bathroom floor instead of our bedroom carpeting! Phew that was close! To say the least we didn't sleep real well last night. Kept her home with me today, she slept most of the morning, but we are still feeling sooooo tired. We made our Summer to Do list! I am in the process of organizing the home some and did some decorating!!! Praying for Friday to get here fast!!!!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Catch up!

So I forgot to post Easter, and some other fun things we have been up to! This blog is all about cherishing moments to remember, a scrapbook in a way especially, since I cant seem to scrapbook. Poor Hailey has had a book with no pictures in it and she just turned 6! I have purchased three new books with all the fillers and stickers etc to redo their baby books, but can't seem to just sit down and do them! Blogging is so much easier! So here are some pics that I have forgotten about!

Princess Ball!

We went to the Princess Ball Party and it was so much fun! I actually got teary eyed! All the princesses are there and even a couple princes! The girls had a Ball! Get it Ball! Anyway they got princess tattoos, nails painted, and a couple toys of course! Great Day! There is Hailey's typical smile! She cracks us up! You ask her to smile and this is what you get! Chipmunk face! Love her!

Cant go to a Princess Ball without a picture with Elsa!!!!! Hailey kept asking "When is Elsa going to come out?" When she did "Hailey about fell out of her chair!" and I got teary eyed!

Wonderful pic with Jasmine!

Wonderful pic with Ariel!

Can't go to a Ball without dancing!!!!! 

Okay on to other things I have forgotten about!

Like Easter...

Friday, May 2, 2014

Random Friday

Its Friday!!! Logan came home from college last night! He has a car load of belongings to unload, uhg! He has done really well this past year, I am so proud of how he has taken college serious. Still cant believe I have a kid in college! The girls knew he was on his way home, however it was getting late and they needed to get to bed, just as we were walking to the bedroom Logan came walking in. They were so excited! Which left us up late, Hannah still said she was not tired and could stay up later, um sorry Charlie! I have noticed she is in that stage that she wants to be apart of the adult group and listen to what we are talking about etc. Like when my sister was in town Hannah just wanted to hang out by us and chat instead of going and playing with the rest of the kids.
Planning our summer vacations! Eeek cant wait! We will be going to Ludington for sure for a week, gosh is it beautiful there. I love the beach! I love summer! We are talking about going to Mackinaw Island as well, that place is awesome! It brings you back in time. There are no cars allowed, its all bike riding, horse and carriages, or just walking. It really slows things down and makes you enjoy the day so much better. However Logan said he might not be able to go since he and his cute girlfriend have planned for a concert on that same weekend. :-(   Thats hard too; trying to understand that your child would rather be at a concert with his girlfriend than with the family. I get it! Its just hard to get OVER!
Well very excited that it is Friday, and we have NOTHING planned!!!! Oh except some softball practice! Oh I am officially a T-ball coach, Yep thats right I am coach Stacie!!!! Those darn kids are so cute, swinging at the ball and trying to stay focused! Anyway Hailey is thrilled to no end knowing that I am her coach! Makes my heart melt!
                                                              Happy Friday!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Dear Hailey!

 So your going to be 6 huh! My heart is breaking.......

Hailey I can not believe you are going to be 6 years old! My heart is breaking thinking of you getting bigger. You are our little girl and our baby! You love being the baby and soak it up every second you can! You are such a sweet girl. You fool most people, because you become so quiet when strangers are around, or people you do not know well. BUT when you are around those you do know, you are yourself and are such a goof and our wild little girl! I love all of the love notes and drawings you make, which I receive on a daily basis and it makes my heart melt!!! You have an awesome laugh, and are very witty! Your creative side is definitely coming out!

You love to be goofy and make others laugh!! (Sorry I forgot to rotate pic before placing). 

You love your sister so much and love when she plays with you. You like to be the boss, but she doesn't always let you get your way! 

Your big brother will do anything for you!!! 

We always have people telling us we look like twins!!! 

You always say "When I get bigger I'm going to be a Mommy like you", you make my heart melt!

You love your Daddy and you have him wrapped around your finger!

 You LOVE your blankey! It is the best thing to you after a hard day at school, there's nothing better than coming home and cuddling with your blankey! We are not sure how long this will last but we are going with it!

 It took us awhile to work on your smile. Whenever we asked you to smile it would end up either you not smiling because we asked you too, or you would give us a real big smile!!!!!

You are one that has your own mind and is very strong willed and determined! That is good, and Mommy feels that is a good quality. You never give up! We love you Hailey and are so proud of you!!! The other day you kept asking me "How many days til I turn 6 Mommy?" and I would start to pretend cry and you would crack up and we kept doing it. We are so Thankful and feel Blessed for you!!

Happy Birthday Hailey!! 
We Love You!