Friday, May 24, 2013


Well on Wednesday my daughter Hailey graduated from Pre-shool, hence the name of this post it is soooo Bittersweet.  While I went in holding my tears, she walked in holding hers. The class started singing "You are my sunshine", which I sing to her often, she busted out crying, as I did (well I didn't bust out, but inside I was). I felt so bad for her, I asked her why after and she said she wanted her big sister! Just shows how much she loves her.  She was looking at me and I was trying to mouth "Its Ok honey:!  Her wonderful teacher went by her and held her hand! She got through three more songs, tears rolling down both of our faces. We took some pictures of her and her friends, she still was not into it, as well as with her teachers. This is not that she is sad to leave pre school because let me tell you she is sooo excited to go to Kindergarten!  She is a remarkable little girl, she loves to play pretend with everything! Loves playing with her big sister, loves her big brother how he goofs around with her. I love how she calls cupcakes "pupcakes"! This age is so wonderful, still little to wanna crawl in my lap and cuddle, as well as learn her independence. She is very thoughtful and very clever. She can look in the sky and automatically see some sort of shape in the clouds, no thinking about it. She is very goofy, she can crack herself up as well as everyone else in the room! She has a great laugh, and makes me laugh all the time. She crawls in our bed every night still with her blanky and maybe some other little friend. She loves gymnastics and is always hanging on something any chance she has. She like a little monkey! While I am sad for her to leave pre school as it means she is just growing up, I am very happy for her to be going to Kindergarten as well this time is so Bittersweet!

Love You Hailey!


  1. Yes it is sad they grow up to fast enjoy every moment I didn't realize how fast till I became a grandma yes life is bittersweet!

  2. Aw, she is so cute! My daughter is starting kindergarten in the fall and I feel like it is bittersweet too! They grow up so fast!