Thursday, May 9, 2013

Busy Week/Spring has sprung!

Well this week has gotten away from me, still trying to get this blog header figured out, appears I need to buy a scrap booking software. Very busy at work,  trying to re-do a bathroom (well my husband has been doing most of the "work", but I do the final decisions (thanks honey!). Hannahs baseball practice, scheduling appointments, keeping the house clean, laundry, I don't need to go on we all know what it's like to keep a home up with a hard working husband and kids! It has been soooooo nice here in Michigan, just loving the weather! Heres a couple of pics of the week!

              This was left by Hailey today, arent the animals so darn cute! I love how she writes Mommy Hailey on EVERYTHING right now, only due to the fact that those are the only words she knows to writer (working on others)! 

                                       Girls Wednesday morning at school "Moms with Muffins" so fun!

              Bruce received a note as well (excuse the unmade bed, did I mention its been a busy week)!

                                                             The girls and I at "Moms and Muffins"!

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