Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Cooking can be for the birds!

I enjoy cooking some nice meals, but there are times in my life that I just cant seem to complete a one. On these days its mostly due to the fact that my girls have either gymnastics practice or softball practice not long after we all come home from work and school/daycare. Now don't get me wrong I have been able to plan my meals and prepare ahead of time, but this would also require some work on the preparing side and lately I just have not even had time for the preparing part! I think you might understand how I feel and might have been here yourself. So, I have opted when grocery shopping to purchase some already made items to help with the stress side of life and still give us a sense that we are having a nice meal! I will purchase some wonderful chicken strips, chicken patties, hot dogs, and those miraculous chicken or beef strips that are already cooked! Now I know that these items are not the healthiest, but I try and purchase with the less sodium and all natural ones, which are in the organic isle at some stores.  I do plan ahead of time not when I get home and then have to ask myself "what am I going to make for dinner?".  I always know, "ok so tomorrow we will have chicken strips and baked potatoes and a salad, since Hannah has a game."  It is the worst when everyone comes home and we are all starving and nothing is planned, GOTTA HAVE A PLAN!! :-)  Then on those day when there is nothing going on and I have the time, I am able to plan/make a nice meal such as a , roast, chicken dish, meatloaf, etc. What really matters the most is that your family is together at the table, whether you are eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, or a roast its that you are together!

Here is an example of what I cooked today!

The chicken was from Sams Club (delicious!) took me a whole 25 mins to get it done and on the table! Love that! We love the broccoli flourets from the freezer they taste just like fresh. Not to hip on the boxed mashed, but on days like today it works fine!

I even put it on paper plates so I have less dishes! Cooked the chicken on a baking sheet and lined it with aluminum foil, when ready for clean up I just toss the aluminum foil give the sheet a nice wipe and whala done!

 Hope you enjoyed your dinner! :-)

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  1. I was never good at preparing meals ahead of time ans still not I just do it I can see it would have been easier wish I knew then what I know now I have been baking a lot lately ans getting pretty good