Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spring Break!

Well my girls are on spring break this week! And we have no plans, well a little shopping maybe....:-)
We had a great weekend, my sister Kim is in town and we visited at my Moms on Saturday and she plans on coming out to our house this weekend, with my nephew can't wait! Every time one of my siblings come out I always wish all of them could and we could just spend some time together all of us, no other family, but my brothers and sisters, one day that's my goal! I can't imaging my life without them! They each are so special to me. That is what I have been trying to teach my girls, is how lucky they are to have each other! The relationship with a sibling is a best friend for life, no matter what you do or say they will always be there! So I have decided to not make a lot of plans this week, not invite any of their friends over, just us! They have been doing really well lately with each other and I really want to enforce it this week. We bought the new Tinkerbell Movie and they watched it in their bedroom tonight before bed, after lights went out I heard them chatting in there. I cant tell you how much I love that!! A little giggling and my heart just swells with love.

The weather has finally changed to spring so we can play outside riding bikes, jumping on the trampoline, play on the playset and just enjoy each other and the weather! Of course I plan on doing some spring cleaning, I get soooo excited when I get to do a good cleaning and some organizing, I can hardly sleep!!!

Quick pic of some friends to spend time with over spring break!

I purchased new filters for the vacuum, can you believe the dirt on those filters, even dog hair, disgusting!
So glad I am changing them out! Eww

Easter Bunny visit at the Mall! :-)

An easy peasy dinner! I add either hamburger or ground turkey to this meal and just follow the directions on the back of the Zatarans box and then add chopped tomatoes and corn. Mmmmmm!

A Great chalk drawing from my Hannah! Made my day!!!

Another great chalk drawing from my Hailey! So sweet!

Now back to my spring cleaning!
To do list:
Clean carpets
Wash comforters
wash floors

Hope your having a great Spring Break!



  1. Yes I can't wait to spend time with u and your family we had fun sat and will have more fun this weekend spring is here seeu soon

  2. Aww I'm happy to read your blog again and such a cute post! I LOVE to organize too lately, holy moly, I organized all my drawers around the house this week- like junk drawer and kitchen drawers and bathroom drawers and they're so tidy now! LOL. it's the little things, right?! Hope you had a super great week off with your fam and hope to see you soon!

    1. Thanks I am glad to be back! Oh how exciting Kelley! Seriously you know I love to organize, it feels so good to open that drawer I bet and feel that sound in the back of your mind AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! lol! See you soon! :-)