Friday, June 21, 2013

Getting to Normal!

So things are getting to normal around here! I have been trying to get organized for the summer, I'm getting there, however I have a lot on my list! So far I have been able to clean the house and get laundry completed. This weekend I want to make our summer to do board, make plans on what we plan on doing for some small vacations this summer. Like I have said in a previous blog that I am totally fine with just staying home for the summer and completing some projects around here maybe heading up to the thumb area or west Michigan for a long weekend. I would like to organize the girls books, and there drawers as well.
My real plan to complete this summer is the kids albums, I recently bought albums and want to create a sort of Project Life (see Becky Higgins website) for them. I want to redo the back family room. Decorate the house with new blinds, and save money so we can redo our kitchen it is totally out dated, we will need to gut it and get new cabinets.
It was really nice yesterday I actually able to make dinner! I made spaghetti, something simple but good hearty meal! Instead of ground turkey or beef I used sausage. My husband has been begging me to make it with sausage and it was really good! I kind of was forced to because I did not have any ground meat, but had some turkey bratwursts, so I cut them out of their casings and cooked it, added sauce and cheese and wha la! Come and get it! It just felt good because I have not been able to cook a meal in forever we have been so busy, busy fun!

We also got a chance yesterday to go to the school and the girls rode their bikes, (Hailey is a pro now with no training wheels!) while I got a quick run in! The weather here has been so nice! High 70's no humidity!

I purchased this snack dish to put fruit and veggies in so the kids, and I can eat a little healthier instead of running to the snack drawer (Got this great idea from Erin at Sunny Side Up). I did learn though that the dip needs to be in a covered container so it doesn't take on all the other flavors of fruit and veggies. So I scooped out the dip and placed it in a container with a lid and placed it in the middle and I also made a fruit dip as well.  Making me hungry just looking at it!
Enjoy your weekend!

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