Wednesday, June 26, 2013


So Logan turned 19, I have been wanting to dedicate a post to him! Logan you were a great baby, a great toddler, a great child, not too bad of a teenager (seriously), and now your on your journey of adulthood. I am so proud of you! You have the best humor and are so funny, you always make us laugh all the time! Seriously this kid is hilarious. You are a great big brother, a great friend, and a great family member. You are witty, and charming, however not so organized and tidy! Hopefully that will come later on in life....:-)

Logan I love you so much, and am so honored to be your Mom! Happy 19th Birthday!

God Bless!
Love Mom


  1. aww Stacie! what a nice tribute to your sweet son:) if he takes after you that organization piece will come into play any day...i'm thinking of your awesomeness of planning your meetings well in advance!! :)