Friday, June 7, 2013

End of the school Year!

Well this has been a crazy week (sound familiar?).... with working full time and this is my busiest time of year, we had softball practice, a game and gymnastics, along with making sure that all the end of the school  year projects, work etc is done. I am exhausted! I wanted to share what we gave Hailey's preschool teachers and Hannahs teacher. This is always a struggle with me, but I think we did pretty good this year! Being a teacher is one of the most important jobs and I always feel I want to thank them and how much they are appreciated. I was so sad to make Hannahs lunch yesterday and it be her LAST lunch for third grade :-( She is very excited as her sister to be moving on! Me not so much....

This is what we gave Haileys teachers.
Sorry it posted sideways, but I am in a hurry and dont have time to rotate it! They are homemade soaps and lipbalms!

This is what we gave Hannah's teacher.

Again, sorry its sideways! Her teacher really likes Burts Bees so I thought she would like this!

For the Daycare ladies we will be making a batch of cookies to give, along with thank you cards from me!

Hannah wanted to make a treat for her classmates for the end of the year, she decided on cupcakes and wrote 2013 along with a special note from her! Isnt she talented! She thought of the different colors with the numbers, takes after her Dad on the creativity side!

Well happy end of the year everyone (Kim)! ha ha  :-)

I am very excited for summer!

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  1. What a great gift I never thought of getting the teachers anything oh well i love the cupcakes too! Can't wait to see the girls its going to be a great week wishing it goes by slow to enjoy some of your great cooking