Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Stillness of Early Mornings

The stillness of the early morning excites me! I love waking up before the kids. I am able to take moments and gain a perspective on my day. My husband leaves for work around 4:15 and I have become a lite sleeper. He comes in to kiss me goodbye every morning, on most days I wake up. I will lay in bed for a while laying in the darkness thinking. I then get up enjoy a cup of coffee, do some light chores; putting dishes away, making lunches (if I did not do it the night before), let the dog out. I don't turn the TV on, or the computer I just am with the morning and love this time of day for myself. I get the girls up around 6:15 as their bus comes at 7:10. Its a great start to my day, no hurrying, lots of time for kisses and hugs and talking.
     There are some days where I just can't fathom on getting up and need sleep. I then wake up in a hurry and feel unorganized a bit and wish I had gotten up earlier. I set my alarm for 5:45, although I keep hitting snooze!
     On those days I get up early, I can accomplish sooooo much! Chores, exercise, time for me/reflection, which leaves me feeling calm and peaceful! There is something about the darkness in the early morning that makes me feel so centered and I can think so much clearer. It is mostly due to the fact that I am alone with God and can listen better without other things to get my attention, as I am one who can't focus on a lot at once, especially when it comes to people. I have to focus on one person at a time, which can be very difficult! You know what I am talking about. When your little ones and sometimes even  your better half talking to you all at once and none of them even have a clue of what is occurring!

Today was one of those days when I was able to get up early and have a peaceful calm morning. I enjoyed the stillness, and it happens to be my Birthday! This is a gift to myself!

Do you like to wake up early? If not try it out and see how your day goes.

Stacie :-)

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