Monday, March 17, 2014

Pot of Gold!

So its St. Patricks Day and the leprechaun has left my girls a rainbow and a pot of gold! 

Skittles and rolos! Yummy!  
I have out traditional St. Pattys day dinner in the crock pot; corned beef/cabbage with potatoes and carrots  can't wait!

It has been awhile since I have posted anything. The winter has been endless. We still have so much snow on the ground. I had spring fever last week and did some spring decorating. The spring fever came due to us reaching the high of 49 degrees! Woo Hoo right! lol

Well I needed to change things in the house as I like to change things around a lot, but this time I decided to change out my decorations. I had a lot of red and black decorations for fall and winter. I wanted to spruce things up and add a pop of color and thought yellow and some flowers/greenery would do the job! I did some spring cleaning, but still have more to do. I LOVE to clean the house and have it smell clean! Washing everything from pillows, blankets, drapes, comforters, cleaning under the beds, etc, etc. Ill post on my spring cleaning on a later post. Can't wait to open the windows, which is not too far away. Its been so cold I think once it hits 55 I am going for it!

Heres some pics!
 New pillows. Sasha felt she needed to be in the pic! :-)
 New vases that came with the flowers
I plan on changing the red mat to a yellow
 I Love the birds!

 I would show more of the kitchen cabinets however they are so old, we are the process of saving for new ones! 

My lovely daughter Hailey wrote me a note because tomorrow is my Birthday! It says, "Mommy is esxcited to Daye" (Mommy is excited today)!!! Priceless

That pink candle I have been burning; stocked up on them, can't remember the scent, but it smells like spring! Its a febreeze candle and you can smell it throughout the house!
I didnt change much in the curio cabinet just because I love everything so much in there and it still had yellow flowing through it!

Mostly everything was purchased from either Target or TJ Maxx. 
Wishing everyone a Happy St. Patricks Day!

Did you start to decorate for spring yet? If so how and what is your favorite way to bring in the new season?

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