Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Well the new year brings everyone to place some goals for themselves. I usually am one to do the "exercise and eat better" and that's it. However this year I am doing something different. I honestly have to say that one thing that I need to really, really do better at for myself and my family is stay on budget and SAVE! I am one that when I want something I want it and I will do whatever I need to to get it! Now I am not one that is totally over the edge, we are talking items here; clothes (for all), shoes (for all), things for the house, not outrageous things. As you can read in my other posts I like shoes/boots!


So this year I am buckling down and have started using an Expense Tracker Andrea Dekkers finance tracker workbook. It allows me to place ALL in and out monies and tracks everything. I am staying on track with making sure our checkbook is up to date at all times. I make sure my husband is up to date on where we are, as I am the one who pays the bills and keeps track of finances. We went to our church this past fall and took Dave Ramseys financial institution classes, which were eye opening. Especially when he talks about credit cards and that that dumb score really means how well you place yourself in debt and pay on it! So this brings me to our 2014 financial goal! We are going to pay off all of our credit cards and really ask ourselves before we purchase ANYTHING "Do we really need this"? We are placing all or most of my paycheck into our savings.

Of course I am doing the whole exercise at least 3x a week and be more patient! I would also like to read the Bible or a scripture a day!

Tell me whats on your Goal list this year?  :-)


  1. New year new things let me know how that works out with her planning l like her too I read Joyce Meyer daily Its not the bible I like the way she talks I guess I understand her I saw her once when I lived in mi I have no resolution thus year

  2. My goal this year is to de-clutter and get organized around the house. So far it's been going really well and I know that if we can get the house in order we can spend less time cleaning!