Monday, January 6, 2014

Winter and Snow Days

So we have gotten ALOT of snow this season already! This is the kind of snow I remember growing up. In just about a day we have received the majority of our accumulation in a normal season! The kids school has been cancelled for 3 days and my work is closed today (Yay!).  Now its supposed to get really cold, everything is closing; my husbands even coming home early due to the weather, which is a never! The stores I hear are almost empty from people shopping and stocking up. The kids played in the snow yesterday and Bruce took them sledding to the big hill, while I made a nice pot of potato and ham soup. I am going to get some more stuff done in the house (yay), organizing and cleaning!!! Of course after a game of spoons!


The kids outback playing in the snow!
Big brother Logan building their very own sledding hill, while Daddy plows the driveway!

Stay warm and safe!

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  1. Looks like fun Logan is so tall I bet its nice when Bruce comes home early soup looks good I've been making navy bean all day its so good what projects do u have planned for winter