Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

The New Year is here and I always start out being organized and goals set in hand. However this past year I have done a lot of organizing and list making and have really been able to get my household in better order. I have a cleaning routine down, I make lists for weekly dinners, I make lists for groceries needed, I have a couple calendars I use for different things going on in our lives. All of this makes me look back on 2013 and feel somewhat accomplished. There are some things that I did not accomplish, but I am not beating myself up about it of course, its just life!

Our break has been great except for the part of Hannah and Bruce being sick, but it has kept us to be at home and just be together which is the best of anything anyway! We have watched movies, played games, ate a ton of sweets and popcorn (I received a new popcorn maker for Christmas!). I really am not looking forward to going back to work, I Love being home and being just a Mom and wife, but God has other plans for me and that is to help others as well! Here are some pics of our Holidays and time off!

Some Christmas goodies we made!

At my Moms on Christmas Eve.

                                                Uh Oh someone is pouting on Christmas Eve!

Trying to take a nice pic of my mom and brother-however Logan has other plans! Goof ball!

Logan and Taylor!!

Isn't little Mason adorable!!!

Getting ready for Santa to come!

The girls and their cousins, at Bruces Moms on Christmas Day!

Enjoying some more cousin time!

                                        Girls enjoying their holiday break-laying around and coloring

New Years Eve-playing a mean game of Twister!

It was a great Christmas, went to a beautiful service on Christmas Eve night, I love our Church! New Years Eve, we stayed home, I just love being home. We used to go to our neighbors house however they moved and we miss them greatly.  Logan had a couple friends over and they played games in the backroom, fun was had and we are ready to have a blessed new year! Peace to all! 

Happy New Year!!!! 

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  1. Happy new year ! Looks like you have a great start for the new year the pics are great I miss everyone I should of been there I'm glad u love staying home I'm sure the girls love it wish I had more to write anyways love you lots