Saturday, May 3, 2014

Catch up!

So I forgot to post Easter, and some other fun things we have been up to! This blog is all about cherishing moments to remember, a scrapbook in a way especially, since I cant seem to scrapbook. Poor Hailey has had a book with no pictures in it and she just turned 6! I have purchased three new books with all the fillers and stickers etc to redo their baby books, but can't seem to just sit down and do them! Blogging is so much easier! So here are some pics that I have forgotten about!

Princess Ball!

We went to the Princess Ball Party and it was so much fun! I actually got teary eyed! All the princesses are there and even a couple princes! The girls had a Ball! Get it Ball! Anyway they got princess tattoos, nails painted, and a couple toys of course! Great Day! There is Hailey's typical smile! She cracks us up! You ask her to smile and this is what you get! Chipmunk face! Love her!

Cant go to a Princess Ball without a picture with Elsa!!!!! Hailey kept asking "When is Elsa going to come out?" When she did "Hailey about fell out of her chair!" and I got teary eyed!

Wonderful pic with Jasmine!

Wonderful pic with Ariel!

Can't go to a Ball without dancing!!!!! 

Okay on to other things I have forgotten about!

Like Easter...

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