Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Summer is almost here!

I am dragging, my kids are dragging, we have been on the go the past two weeks and see the light at the end of the tunnel!!! We are hanging on by a thread! Between all of the end of the year activities/projects, softball games and practices, birthdays, get togethers, we are in need of some R&R. Haileys kindergarten graduation is tomorrow night, so bitter sweet! Hannahs last day is Friday and we are going to party, and by that I mean watching a movie and sleeping in on Saturday and not getting out of our pj's until we absolutely have too!

I have not made a dinner in I don't know how long, its been sandwiches, hot dogs, pizza, or just plain ole salami and cheese. I actually marinated some chicken the other day and finally had time to cook it this afternoon. We had my Moms birthday dinner last night and at 1:00am Hailey came in saying her stomach hurt and within 20 secs I was pushing her to make it (it meaning you know what) land on the bathroom floor instead of our bedroom carpeting! Phew that was close! To say the least we didn't sleep real well last night. Kept her home with me today, she slept most of the morning, but we are still feeling sooooo tired. We made our Summer to Do list! I am in the process of organizing the home some and did some decorating!!! Praying for Friday to get here fast!!!!

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