Monday, November 25, 2013


I am thankful for so much in my life! First and for most for my children. I am thankful for each one.


 He brings this family so much fun! He is one of the funniest people I know. 
He is very personable, smart and charming man. He is going to be such a good Dad one day.  He is the best brother a sibling could ask for! He has so much love to give to those around him. Thank you Lord for giving me this special young man to call me Mom!


 She is our little California girl! She gets such a glow in the summer! She is a little angel, very smart and mature for her age. She makes my heart melt when I listen to her talk about her day. She enjoys telling me every detail. She has the biggest heart for animals. She has one of the best smiles you will ever see! Thank you Lord for sending her into our lives and letting her call me her Mom!


She is our little ham! She loves her blanky. She cracks us all up with her goofyness! She adores her siblings, and is a very determined little girl. She likes things a certain way if not its not happening! She has a contagious laugh! She is soaking up the world around her while you have no idea! Thank you Lord for letting her be apart of our family and letting her call me Mom! 

I have a wonderful life, and am so Blessed! Thank you Lord!


  1. Look at Logan all grown up its amazing how fast time fly's by girls are beautiful I'm thankful for my grandkids .

  2. I know it seems like yesterday I was passing the sidewalk waiting to go into labor (remember)! You have the most beautiful grandchildren!