Thursday, November 7, 2013

New Boots and picture dump

So the new season is here and I had to get a couple things....

Actually I took this pic and sent it to my husband asking if I could get them, since I am a shoe addict i have to ask my sponser!  So as I am awaiting his response, I decided not too.  He finally txt me back saying go ahead! I felt compelled to turn around, but needed to go get my girls from school, so I said if you would like for me to have them they are at TJMaxx in size 7.5, he came home with them!!! Love that man! 

So then I was walking through JCPenny looking for Christmas dresses for the girls when I happen to walk passed the shoe/boot section and I heard was a "hey look at me", "pick me up", "put me on", and low and behold we have new family member. (these did not need my sponsors approval!) 

Aren't they pretty?  I cant wait to wear them! They go with everything!

Anyway, here are some October pics I forgot to post!

Bruce carving the pumpkin with Kitty and Taylor Swift!

 Here is the end result, a kitty face! The girls could not decide what kind of face to have carved out. They finally decided on a kitty face!

Bruce going as a race car fan! Love the hat with mullet wig! (Nothing against mullets hat came that way!)

Babysitter painted the girls nails, aren't they beautiful!  

Thats that Happy November!

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  1. Love your taste in boots next pair should be cowgirl boots ! Looks like fun night on holloween at your house did u dress up ? What things did you make any new recipes?