Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Tree and other fun festivities!!!

So we went to get our Christmas tree the Saturday after Thanksgiving, since Logan was still home and we normally take our Christmas card pic by the tree we have chosen. It was a fun adventure as always. I wanted a certain kind of tree that had a certain look, and Bruce and Logan were looking for the biggest tree possible as if we had alllll the room in the world for a tree in our home! I really tried to talk Bruce out of getting a real tree and purchasing a nice fake one and then compromising with putting it up every other year. That idea failed, as the kids started whining Nooooo, we like the real ones. Darn Bruce, hes got power with that army of his! Anyway here is some pics of our festivities!


 Having hot chocolate after getting the tree!

Here is the end result! Its very nice! I added some gold ribbon after the fact. 

I recently had a favorites party! I read about this over at sunny side up .
It was a fun night, everyone thought it was a great idea and I plan on doing it again next year, but before Thanksgiving, since some ladies could not make it due to other holiday events occurring. This time of year can get so busy. I forgot to take more pictures of everyone's gifts they brought. There were cozy socks filled with chocolates, scarfs, night cream, small bottles of wine, lotion, and I placed candles from bath and body works. We ate, had some wine, talked and laughed, it was a fun night. It brought in the beginning of Christmas festivities. 

I am almost done with my shopping, alleluia! Now I just need to start wrapping everything, as staying up on Christmas Eve till 2:00am is no fun! I am in the spirit, and awaiting Jesus Birthday!!!!!! 


  1. How fun love the girls hats your tree is beautiful can't wait to visit this weather I do not like lol looks like u had fun with the girls u look great love the necklace and your hair I want to change mine this new year I need to change it up

  2. Cant wait to see you too!!!!!!! You can handle the weather! Yes I will go with you when you change it up, Ill hold your hand!!!!! Merry Christmas Sis!