Thursday, September 5, 2013

School has started!!

Well the day is here. The day where my last one started Kindergarten! I just cant believe it! My 8 year old is now a 4th grader..what has oldest is in his second year in did this happen?!?!
It is so bitter sweet. I am not normally an emotional person, but when the teacher let the parents in my kindergartners class stay for a short story, and then wanted them to go to their parents and kiss and hug them and tell them bye, I lost it! It was like she was telling ME that I had to go! I held it in til I left the room, she was fine. She was ready and has been for awhile. Seeing her older sister ride the bus and be gone all day at school is what she has wanted to do the last two years! She has done awesome! Hannah is such a great big sister; she tells her where to go and talks to her about what to do. I hear them laying in their beds the past couple nights talking, Hannah has been quizzing Hailey on what she needs to do and what her teachers name is; shes like a little Mommy! I love it! So very proud of all my children, God has blessed me and I am grateful! The feeling after they hop on the bus and the house is quiet (except for the dog, who is confused on where is everyone) is not quit yet comfortable to me, not sure if it ever will be, but I do know I get alot done!!! And knowing that I don't have to schedule a babysitter or daycare for my little one is a HUGE relief! I saw Hannah after dropping off Hailey to her class the first day in the hallway, however when I wanted a hug and kiss from her she ran!  Yes the day is here where she cant show affection to me in-front of her peers. Crazy! She sure will want to snuggle on the couch with me tonight though!!! Thank You Lord!

Waiting for the Bus!

Putting her stuff in her cubby like a big girl!

They have been playing SO well after school too! This is what they have been doing. Its a road. They ride their bikes or roller blade or use the scooter. Someone is the safety patrol person and drive thru person, or they say they are driving to their house to come over and play, the ideas are endless and I am very happy that the common element in their life of being in school all day has brought them closer! Amen!

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  1. I'm so happy things are going great you have some wonderful girls Silas and I had fun at your house making pizza swimming playing in sandbox showing him pic so he will always remember I really enjoyed talking when it was just us two then the evening with Kevin pretty cool too can't wait to visit again